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Things to see and do in the Vendée: the must-sees

Five million tourists visit the Vendée every year. It’s the 4th most visited département in France. And the site that attracts the most people is Puy du Fou. But do you know the other most visited places in the Vendée?

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Vivez des émotions uniques au Puy du Fou, 1er parc mondial,.

Le Puy du Fou, an iconic park in the Vendée

Does it still have to be presented? Voted the best theme park in the world, the Puy du Fou is located near the town of Cholet. Renowned for its breathtaking historical shows, France’s most famous theme park takes visitors on a journey through time, from Antiquity to the 20th century.

Families can enjoy grandiose performances featuring knights, Vikings and other fascinating eras. In the heart of a century-old forest, visitors can also discover reconstructed period villages.

La Cinéscénie, the biggest night-time show in the world

La Cinéscénie at the Puy du Fou is a grandiose night-time show, combining special effects, lights and fireworks. This immersive historical fresco tells the story of the Vendée from the Middle Ages to the Second World War.

Did you know? The Cinéscénie at the Puy du Fou is made possible by the commitment of thousands of passionate volunteers.

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Yeu Island, opposite Saint Jean de Monts

With a rucksack and hiking boots, set off to discover Yeu Island, the second most visited site in the Vendée. Leaving from Fromentine or Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, discover this magnificent island, the Vieux-Château surrounded by the sea, the Grand-Phare, the Citadelle and the church of Saint-Sauveur.

The island of Yeu is not very big, 10 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide. A public transport bus service runs from April to November, serving all the tourist sites. You can also hire bikes or a car on site. Other means of transport include the little train and the tuk-tuk.

Tickets are available at the reception desk at special rates.


Saint-Jean-de-Monts : 9 plages, 8 km de bonheur balnéaire.
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Le passage du Gois à Beauvoir sur Mer : route mythique reliant le continent et île de Noirmoutier

The Gois Passage

This is one of the must-see places in the Vendée! Head for Beauvoir-sur-Mer. This 4.2 km submersible road links the mainland to the Ile de Noirmoutier. It is only accessible at low tide.

Famous for its running at high tide, with the famous “foulées du gois” and many passages of the Tour de France, it’s also a famous place for fishing on foot. Armed with the right approved tools and respecting the sizes and quantities, you can fish for clams, cockles and periwinkles.

Did you know? Three beacons allow careless motorists to take cover if they are surprised by the rising tide.

The Breton marshes of the Vendée

Known as the “Maro”, this is a wet geographical area on the Atlantic coast of the Vendée and the Loire Atlantique further north. It’s an exceptional place for observing and preserving nature. Book your canoe or bike now and discover the salt route, the calm waters of the marshes, the rich flora and varied fauna.

The Château des Aventuriers

With 100,000 visitors a year, the Château des Aventuriers is the 4th most visited tourist site in the Vendée.

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