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What to do on the island of Noirmoutier

With its exceptional microclimate, varied landscapes and authentic gentle way of life, the island of Noirmoutier knows how to charm its visitors. Here are our tips for visiting the Vendée island in a day.

L'île de Noirmoutier, surnommée l'« île aux mimosas », offre un climat doux propice à leur floraison hivernale.
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Plage des Dames à Bois de la Chaise, une perle de Noirmoutier.

Visit the island of Noirmoutier in a day

Just 17 km from our campsite in Saint Jean de Monts, enjoy island life for a day on the island of Noirmoutier.

The island is accessible by car and by bike via the bridge. It’s also worth taking the old submersible road linking Noirmoutier to Beauvoir-sur-Mer: the Passage du Gois.

The most beautiful places to visit in Noirmoutier include the medieval castle and its museum, the Guérinière windmills, the Bois de la Chaize and Plage des Dames. And don’t forget to visit the salt marshes (guided tours in summer).

You can also stroll around the many fishing and yachting harbours and why not take advantage of the return of the fishermen to do your shopping:

  • the port of l’Herbaudière: the gateway to the island of Noirmoutier.
  • the Morin harbour at l’Epine: a natural shelter surrounded by rocks, where you can still find a few fishing boats.
  • Port du Bonhomme at La Guérinière: oyster-farmers’ huts for oyster and mussel lovers.


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Getting to the island of Noirmoutier

The island of Noirmoutier is accessible via :

  • the Passage du Gois, a 4.3 km submersible road, accessible only at low tide. Ask about the tide times.
  • the pont de l’île, accessible 24/7 (free of charge).

The Passage du Gois, an unforgettable experience!

The only road of its kind in the world, the Passage du Gois is a 4.2km submersible road linking the mainland to the island of Noirmoutier at low tide. Most visitors make this legendary crossing by car. But it can also be done on foot or by bike. Crossing the Gois is only possible 1? hours before or 1? hours after low tide. Signs indicate the times on either side of the crossing.

Le Pont de Noirmoutier relie Barbâtre au continent, axe majeur et très fréquenté en Vendée, accessible gratuitement 24/7.
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photo@A. Lamoureux/Vendée Expansion, S.Bourcier/Vendée Expansion